Root Causes of Depression

Anxiety Disorders and their symptoms can vary dramatically from person to person. If you or someone you know seems to be suffering from an anxiety disorder please seek professional help or encourage them to seek professional help. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)...

3 theories on why people get depressed

I sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, I focus my attention and take a slow, deep, inward breath and begin to think about the mountain of email I need to get through and the weird buzzing sound the fridge is making... Fail, ...restart I take a slow, deep, inward...

Why I’m going to cure my own depression

I have a loving wife and family. I’m a generally healthy 29 year old who’s moderately active and doesn’t smoke or drink. I don’t have any life threatening illnesses or ailments (that I know of) and aside from a couple of broken bones, I’ve never been seriously...

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I’m helping to eliminate the stigma against mental health issues and to connect other entrepreneurs to the information, support and treatments needed to overcome depression.

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